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ROBMAC > robmac-z2.2

Clean Harvest

Robmac wheels are designed and made specifically for our machine. Faced outer wheels and side plate ejectors gives us a full width gapless head. 5 wheels per pack ensures maximum ground coverage over undulating ground. Position adjustable long springs allows for ideal ground pressure.

Reduced Stalling

Steel ejectors give low ejection drag and have less surface area for mud and debris to collect around allowing better wet wether operation. Grass cutting slots in side plates grind up long grass that can wrap around wheel pack axles.

Compact + Light

With a total weight of around 750kg the lack of soil compaction is a great benefit to the health of your trees. This combined with its compact design allows for easy and economical transporting.

User Friendly

Zero turn controls on a compact light harvester makes it simple to operate, manoeuvrable and excellent on hills, side slopes and wet conditions.


The Robmac sweeper kit allows you to sweep around the base of the tree bringing that nut out in front of the harvester. With adjustable speed, offset and head angles this non aggressive sweeper takes the Robmac to 3m coverage.

Low Profile

The low overall height of the Robmac enables only minimum skirting of trees keeping the operator over the work area. Fantastic stability and balance on slopes is achieved with so much of its weight low and wide.

Husk + Leaf

The vertical auger has our internal bearing / seal design and 6 spline drive hub to hydraulic the motor. 4 leaf beating rubbers breakup and drop brittle leaf and loose husk through the vertical auger cage.