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Over 200 ROBMAC Macadamia Nut Harvesters built.

Roberts Machinery is a family owned and operated business in Alstonville, specialising in the manufacture and service of the ROBMAC Macadamia Harvesters.

Over the past 18 years we have become strongly involved in the macadamia industry with the development and manufacture of our Robmac Harvester, a lightweight harvester designed originally to fit the popular TORO Zero turn  Mower. This gives the grower a package of an orchard mower and an interchangeable harvester. The Robmac Harvester has the ability to operate effectively and safely in wet and dry conditions and offers very low soil compaction. It’s brilliant maneuverability and speed allows it to comfortably pick up 3-4 field bins of nuts an hour in good conditions.

Now with the addition of the ROBMAC Contractor Drive Unit designed and built specifically for the ROBMAC Harvester we have seen the need to expand the factory facilities and equipment is constantly being upgraded to provide the high standard of work we produce.

Robmac machines can be found as far south as Victoria and North to Mackay and west to Perth.

For information on the ROBMAC or any of or products please call Robert or David Eggins.

Roberts Machinery truly is a family business and prides itself on their quality workmanship, and their friendly after sales service.